Aviation Training

Our Aviation Training Program for 2024 is now available! Click to view our regulatory and continuation courses for 2024, and the dates of our open courses which are held in either Bern or Vienna. All open courses can be booked directly through our website.

If you had the choice to fly with a pilot who is untrained or to fly with a pilot who is trained – what would you do?
If you had the choice to hire an untrained person or a trained person – what would you do?

Requirements are changing – technology is changing – and your personnel will quickly become unqualified if they don’t keep up with these changes.
Do you want to take the risk that the services and products you deliver are not adequate anymore?
To stand still means to go a step backwards. Do you really want your competitors to take over?

Our goal is to keep your personnel up to date with the latest changes in requirements and technology, hence our trainings are constantly being updated to reflect changes to recent and upcoming regulatory changes.
Be the one looking backwards at all of your competitors as you lead from the front. Ensure that your personnel remain highly qualified through relevant trainings, to ensure that your business is run in a safe and compliant manner.

As well as our open General Training courses (click here to view the course overview for 2024), we also offer Part-147 training, and customised in-house training.

Please contact us for any trainings you require, and we will ensure – together with all our partners – that your specific needs and expectations are fulfilled.

Your QCM Training Department is happy to help you with any of your needs!

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