CHF 680.00

Airworthiness Review and Permit to Fly by ARS

Airworthiness Review for ARC Signatories

1 day

Date / Location:
23.04.2024 - Vienna
27.06.2024 - Bern
22.10.2024 - Vienna
1 day
Standard Q.C.M. training or organised on request
Target Group:
  • Airworthiness Review Staff
  • Nominated Person Continuing Airworthiness
  • CAMO or Maintenance Personnel involved in the airworthiness review process
  • Compliance Monitoring Personnel

Basic knowledge of Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014 Annex I (Part-M), Annex Vb (Part-ML), Annex Vc (Part-CAMO), Annex Vd (Part-CAO) and amendments thereof.


Introduction to the processes involved in performing an Airworthiness Review and issuing a Permit to Fly, and the requirements for Airworthiness Review Staff.

Objectives of the course:

The course aims to fulfill the following pedagogical objectives:

This one-day course introduces the participants to the system and the legal background of airworthiness review.

During this course the participants will learn what is meant by airworthiness review, how an airworthiness review should be prepared, performed and which documentation should be used.

The course will cover the requirements and conditions under which a permit to fly can be issued.

Upon completion of the course, the participants will have a broad understanding of the requirements and conditions for the issuance of the ARC or Recommendation and for the issuance of a Permit to Fly.

Key Topics of the course:
  • Organisational and personnel requirements for a CAMO or CAO holding the privilege for Airworthiness Reviews and nominated Airworthiness Review Staff
  • Competences and responsibilities of the CAMO or CAO holding the privilege for Airworthiness Reviews
  • Conduct of the Airworthiness Review using checklists and completion of relevant administrative documentation
  • ARS qualifications and training requirements
  • Airworthiness review tasks
  • Checklists required
  • Procedures required in Part 4 of CAME or Part B of CAE
  • Processes of Document and Physical survey
  • Validity of ARC
  • Aircraft transfer process
  • Practical examples of issuance and extension of the ARC or issuance of a Recommendation
  • Issuance of a Permit to Fly by Airworthiness Review Staff
  • Airworthiness review by Part-145 or Part-CAO maintenance organisations
Regulatory Basis of the course:
  • Commission Regulation (EU) No 1321/2014
  • Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012
Course documentation:
English or German
Course language available:
German, English or French
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