Meet the Team: Erika Guillaume, CVE at QCM Design

If you’ve ever commissioned QCM Design for a cabin modification, it’s likely you’ve either worked with Erika Guillaume, or at the very least, seen her name come up!

Erika is celebrating her 11 year anniversary this June, having joined the QCM Design team as a Design Engineer back in 2013, as their second employee.

Erika’s passion for aviation was ignited when she was just 10 years old, after watching the Blue Angels perform at an airshow in California, USA – A passion which grew further after reading about Janine Shepherd’s extraordinary recovery from a crippling cycling accident to becoming an aircraft training instructor and performing aerobatics.

While her career path was initially aimed at becoming a fighter pilot, Erika later transitioned to aerospace engineering, fascinated by the mechanics and engineering which permit something heavier than air the freedom to fly in the air.

As a Compliance Verification Engineer (CVE) at QCM Design, a role which requires a high degree of critical thinking, problem-solving, and an eye for detail, Erika ensures that our certification documentation meets the highest standards of compliance. Her specialty is Cabin Safety, which includes everything from life vest replacements to carpet upgrades. With a huge variation in projects and a range of responsibilities which include project management, documentation review, and communicating with clients, no two work days are ever the same!

When asked what she enjoys the most about her role, Erika replied, “The variety of projects I get to work on are both interesting and challenging; I’m constantly required to apply my knowledge and use critical thinking”. She also appreciates the flexibility of working from home which allows her to balance her work-life with her family-life, something which is particularly important to her as the mother of two young children.

To those considering a similar career path in aviation, Erika advises, “Follow your dreams.” ✈️

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