Meet the Team: Artur Koloszar, Safety & Quality Compliance Monitoring Manager at QCM Holding

If you’ve worked with QCM CAMO, participated in one of QCM’s open trainings, or conducted an audit on QCM, then chances are that you’ve met Artur Koloszar.

From his earliest memories soaring through the skies in a glider at the age of two, to his current role as the Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager at QCM, aviation has always felt like home to him.

Artur’s journey into the aviation industry began early, inspired by his father, an airliner pilot in Hungary. While he was initially drawn to becoming a pilot himself, being hands-on, Artur’s aspirations changed during university times while pursuing a degree in structural and powerplant engineering.

During and after university, Artur gained invaluable experience working on the technical side of aviation operations with a charter operator in Budapest. His expertise grew as he led teams in putting aircraft into operation and ensuring their safe operation, eventually catching the attention of QCM. Since joining QCM in 2011, Artur has played integral roles in camo, quality management, airworthiness review, and safety system development.

As the Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager, Artur ensures that all QCM organizations uphold the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for problem-solving. It’s a role that demands high organizational and communication skills, and meticulous attention to detail — qualities Artur possesses in abundance.

What Artur enjoys most about working at QCM is the people, as well as the variety of tasks and challenges he faces every day, finding fulfillment in the small successes of each day.

For those aspiring to join the aviation industry, Artur offers simple yet profound advice: “love what you do” and “stay hungry” for new experiences and challenges. In his experience, finding joy in the daily grind is key to long-term fulfillment and achievement.

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