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Guillaume Erika

Engineering (CVE)


Erika was born in Melbourne, Australia and spent time in various cities such as Sydney, Singapore, and San Jose, CA, before finishing her education in Melbourne. After reading about Janine Shepherd, she had dreamt of being a fighter pilot, but decided to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University instead. Upon graduation, she moved to Switzerland and joined the QCM design team.

Erika enjoys living on the family farm with her partner and two boys and has recently celebrated five years of teaching Jazzercise aerobics!

Experience & Specialised Skills

Erika has been working in the Aviation industry, specifically a Part 21J Design Organization, for 10 years in the area of Cabin Safety and Flammability for small and large aeroplanes and small rotorcraft.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from RMIT University
Languages Spoken

English, French, German, Swiss German

Favorite Quote

“If you never have a go, you never, never know.” – Janine Shepherd

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