Special Pricing on UA FMS Upgrades

With its cutting-edge navigation systems, pilots using the UA Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) FMS experience heightened safety and a significant reduction in their workload – resulting in greater on-time arrivals, improved accuracy & precision, greater passenger comfort, more efficient flight operations, and more.

For a limited time* only, QCM Design GmbH is offering special pricing on upgrades to aircraft which are equipped with Universal Avionics’ (UA) non-SBAS Flight Management System (FMS).

When UA unveiled the 60X/700X software FMS in 1995, it was the most advanced FMS available in the commercial market. Keen operators were quick to adopt this technology. Since then, significant advancements have occurred in technology and aerospace. These remarkable innovations have paved the way for creating more capable FMS models that showcase cutting-edge features. These advanced features reduce pilot workload by enabling flight along any desired flight path with precision and, most importantly, the ability to determine aircraft position with accuracy and integrity. With these capabilities comes an increase in safety and a reduction in operational cost, no more multiple step-down, non-precision, and circling approaches.

Interestingly, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) acknowledges the effectiveness of utilizing continuous guidance systems such as RNP and LPV approaches in mitigating the risk of Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT) accidents. In fact, ICAO has stated that these operations can reduce the risk of CFIT accidents by a factor of 25 compared to traditional circling approaches. Furthermore, once vertical guidance is incorporated into these approaches, the safety margin increases by an additional factor of 8. This means that with the integration of both lateral and vertical guidance, overall safety is enhanced by 200 times.

The advanced capabilities of the UA SBAS FMS offer pilots a precise and stable alternative to inherently risky circle-to-land operations. By adopting these advanced navigation systems, pilots not only experience heightened safety but also a significant reduction in their workload.

It is important to acknowledge that the number of published procedures and approaches has experienced exponential growth over the past three decades. While the 60X/70X software FMS was designed with ample memory at the time, it is now unable to accommodate the vast volume of navigation data that is available. Consequently, the 60X/70X software FMS navigation database has significant limitations, often offering only a single approach option for many airports.

Despite these navigation database limitations brought about by advancements in air traffic management, UA continues to place great importance on earning the loyalty of our customers by continuing to provide 24/7 support for the 60X/70X and 80X/90X software FMS. Nevertheless, the increasing obsolescence of components threatens UA’s ability to offer repair services for these aging FMSs. Upgrading to a new SBAS FMS ensures long-term reliability and supports efficient cost management for operators.

As demonstrated by the exceptional performance and longevity of our 60X/70X and 80X/90X software FMS, UA is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge and dependable avionics solutions. Gain what is important to you and save by acting fast to receive exclusive discounts on an upgrade to a UA SBAS FMS. Review some of the benefits of upgrading to an SBAS-capable FMS, including RNP procedures, LPV approaches, coupled RF legs, and database management benefits.


As a certified dealer of UA FMS and a Part-21 organisation, QCM Design GmbH can assist with both the supply of the UA FMS and the certification of this upgrade, saving you time & money in the long run.

For more information about the Universal Avionics SBAS FMS, pricing, or to check your eligibility, please contact design@part-21.ch.

*This offer is only valid until October 31, 2023