Flexible Designs That Matter

“They say good things come in threes,” says Christian Schusser, Chief Office of Airworthiness of Q.C.M. design gmbh (pictured). “Having a network consisting of a Maintenance Organization, a specialized Finishing Service, and a Design Organization that have experience working together brings flexibility, coherence, and fluidity to our projects.”

One such completed project was the complete interior refurbishment of a Bombardier Challenger 604.

“The test for this project, which ended up being separated into a Major change and a Minor change, was finding a balance to ensure that both approvals could be achieved by the same finishing date,” says Schusser. “Our Partners in this endeavour were crucial for the success of this STC.”

The Supplemental Type Certificate focused on the change in the Layout of Passenger Accommodation (LOPA) of the aircraft. The basis of the change was to swap the location of the divan with the location of the installed entertainment cabinet, which was located aft of the divan against the Right Hand Mid-Cabin Bulkhead. The reason for this was so that the divan would be more in-line with the double seats and conference table, allowing for passengers to interact closer with each other whilst on board the aircraft; the end result is aesthetically pleasing, and the cabin seems to have more of a deliberate sense of space.

Q.C.M. design gmbh’s aim is to fulfil clients’ expectations in regards to creative and technical potential, while ensuring that the highest safety regulations and quality standards in the industry are met. The company offers a flexible, tailor-made solution for any desired design concept, whether it is related to planning a major change, or installing new avionics or electrical systems, to cabin interiors, galleys or various other equipment installations.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our tailor-made solutions and how we can assist you, please reach out to design@part-21.ch.