QCM & 4Drive&Aviation partnership launched

QCM design is excited to announce its partnership with 4Drive&Aviation with the opening of a Flammability Testing Laboratory.

The goal of this partnership is to offer the performance of traceable and high-quality Burn Testing to Aviation and other industries.
The Flamelab 4.0© brings a new flammability solution to the industry market and improves the quality and accuracy of provided services. Flamelab 4.0© sets new benchmarks in precision and reproducibility.

Jakub Gałkiewicz (Laboratory Manager at 4Drive&Aviation): “We’re delighted to join up with Q.C.M to develop next-gen fire testing equipment and expand the services that are provided by our laboratory. By starting this collaboration, we are aiming to bring new ideas and solutions to the market which will help our customers to step into a new world of possibilities related to the certification and research within aircraft interiors.”

Christian Schusser (Chief of Office Airworthiness at QCM):Through this partnership, QCM sees the opportunity to strengthen our organization and the aviation industry. We decided to connect our design experience with 4D&A’s skills to deliver fire testing services powered by Flamelab 4.0©. Working in cooperation with a flammability test laboratory brings the opportunity of additional services to our clients.”

If you are interested and would like to get more information, please get in touch: design@part-21.ch