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Aircrew Regulation for Commercial ATOs and Operators

This one-day course provides a detailed overview of Pilot and Cabin Crew Training, focusing on multi-pilot environments and Commercial Air Transport.

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1 day
Standard QCM training or organised on request
Target Group:
  • Operators of Commercial Air Transport for aeroplanes: Management, Nominated Persons Flight Ops
    and/or Crew Training, Compliance Monitoring Staff (Quality Staff) and Cabin Crew Management
  • Inspectors form National Aviation Authorities Flight Operations and/or Training Departments
  • International Organisations operating in European aviation environment or training for this environment



This course will give you a detailed overview of Pilot and Cabin Crew Training focusing on multi-pilot environment and Commercial Air Transport.

Objectives of the course:

To familiarise participants with the requirements of the EASA Aircrew Implementing Rules (EU REG 1178/2011 including all current amendments) and its associated Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for Commercial Air Transport and Commercial Operations of operators with motor-powered aeroplanes.

The Aircrew Regulation module will cover commercial and multi pilot Operations only!

Key Topics of the course:

This course covers:
– Review and the development of EASA FCL EU REG 1178/2011 and its amendments (focussing commercial
and multi pilot operations aeroplane only)
– Annex I Part FCL
– Annex II Conversion of National Licenses
– Annex III Acceptance of Licenses issued by third countries
– Annex V Part Cabin Crew
– Annex VII Organisation requirements for Air Crew
– Associated Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material
– Regulatory update and current legal status

This course DOES NOT cover:
– Requirements for the initial private pilot licenses and appropriate ratings

Regulatory Basis of the course:

Aircrew Regulation (EU Reg. 1178/2011) and its amendments

Course documentation:
Course language available:
English, German
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