CHF 680.00

Aircrew Regulation for Commercial ATOs and Operators

Air Operation Refresher

1 day

1 day
Standard QCM training or organised on request
Target Group:
  • Operators of Commercial Air Transport for aeroplanes: Management, Nominated Persons Flight Ops
    and/or Crew Training, Compliance Monitoring Staff (Quality Staff) and Cabin Crew Management
  • Inspectors form National Aviation Authorities Flight Operations and/or Training Departments
  • International Organisations operating in European aviation environment or training for this environment

Participants willing to understand and get familiar with the structure and content of EASA Air Crew Regulation and its requirements.


This course will give you a detailed overview of Pilot and Cabin Crew Training focusing on multi-pilot environment and Commercial Air Transport.

Objectives of the course:

To familiarise participants with the requirements of the EASA Aircrew Implementing Rules (EU REG 1178/2011 including all current amendments) and its associated Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Material (GM) for Commercial Air Transport and Commercial Operations of operators with motor-powered aeroplanes.

The Aircrew Regulation module will cover commercial and multi pilot Operations only!

Key Topics of the course:

This course covers:
– Review and the development of EASA FCL EU REG 1178/2011 and its amendments (focussing commercial
and multi pilot operations aeroplane only)
– Annex I Part FCL
– Annex II Conversion of National Licenses
– Annex III Acceptance of Licenses issued by third countries
– Annex V Part Cabin Crew
– Annex VII Organisation requirements for Air Crew
– Associated Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material
– Regulatory update and current legal status

This course DOES NOT cover:
– Requirements for the initial private pilot licenses and appropriate ratings

Regulatory Basis of the course:

Aircrew Regulation (EU Reg. 1178/2011) and its amendments

Course documentation:
Course language available:
English, German
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