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EMAR 66-147

EMAR 66-147

2 days
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2 days
Target Group:
  • Personnel involved in Military Continuing Airworthiness Organisations (Maintenance, Training and Licensing).
  • Military Airworthiness Authorities (MAWA) Personnel;
  • Compliance Monitoring Managers and Quality Personnel;
  • Military Maintenance Instructors, Examiners, Invigilators, Practical Assessors;
  • Military Certifying Staff and technicians.



Understanding the Aviation Military Requirements in terms of Maintenance Training and Licensing.

Objectives of the course:

The course aims to fulfil the following pedagogical objectives:

This two-day course focuses on the structure of EMAR 66 (Licensing – Application files – Standards of Training) and EMAR 147 Approved Maintenance Training Organisations (Standards of Training).

This training presents also:

  • The differences with EASA Part 66 / Part 147 regulations.
  • The interactions with the EMAR 145 AMO’s (Approved Maintenance Organisations) for Real Environment of the Trainees and Licensing issues;
Key Topics of the course:

Day 1

  • Overview of European Aviation Military Framework in Europe with associated EMAR (European Military Airworthiness Requirements).
  • EMAR 66 Technical Requirements – Section A;
  • Relevant EMAR 66 AMC & GM;
  • Relevant Forms and Appendices;


Day 2

  • EMAR 147 Technical Requirements – Section A;
  • Relevant EMAR 145 AMC & GM;
  • Relevant Forms and Appendices;
Regulatory Basis of the course:

Military Airworthiness Authorities Forum Documents:

  • Military Aircraft Maintenance Licensing
  • Military Maintenance Training Organisations
Course documentation:
Course language available:
English - French
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