CHF 680.00

ETOPS / RVSM / LVO for Maintenance & CAMO

ETOPS / RVSM / LVO for Maintenance & CAMO


1 day
Standard Q.C.M. training or organised on request
Target Group:
  • The training course is tailored for Maintenance Organisations and CAMO staff of operators engaged in ETOPS/EDTO, RVSM and LVO operations.
  • Competent Authority Members

Basic knowledge of Regulation (EU)1321/2014 Annex I Part M, Annex Vc, Part CAMO, and/or Annex II (Part 145).

Objectives of the course:

The course aims to fulfil the following pedagogical objectives:

The Extended Twin-engine Operations (ETOPS/EDTO), Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) and Low Visibility Operation (LVO) training course provides aircraft maintenance technicians and continuing airworthiness personnel with broad, yet thorough knowledge in order to maintain their individual qualification requirements.

Key Topics of the course:

The course will provide the following:

  • Introduction to ETOPS/EDTO, RVSM and LVO
  • Maintenance, Continuing Airworthiness and Operational Approval
  • ETOPS/EDTO, RVSM, LVO approval and monitoring process
  • Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness procedures
Regulatory Basis of the course:

EASA AMC 20-6 Rev.2, FAA AC 120-42A and ICAO Annex VI

Reg, (EU) No. 965/2012 -Air Operations, Annex V, Part SPA, Subparts D / E / F and amendments thereof

Course documentation:
English or German
Course language available:
German, English or French
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