Oil Burner Testing – Now Available at QCM Flamelab

We’re thrilled to announce that our Oil Burner testing for Seat Cushions is now available at QCM Flamelab!

Using a 1,200°C high-intensity open flame, we can simulate an accident where fuel enters the cabin. This allows us to evaluate the safety and performance of aircraft seat cushions to ensure they comply with the requirements of FAR 25.853 App. F Part II.

The next generation sonic burner we’ve invested in is the only test stand of its kind in Poland, and one of ten in Europe. Because it’s fully automated and offers high stability during testing, test results are more accurate, and repeatability and data acquisition post-testing are improved.

As per all our fire testing, QCM Flamelab offers a 26 hour lead time on all samples (no waitlist or appointments necessary!), and unlimited access to all test results, including video recordings.

For more information about our testing capabilities, or to request a quote for your samples, please visit the link below or reach out to sales@flamelab.ch.

QCM Flamelab is an independent, EN 9100:2018 certified fire testing laboratory located in Lodz, Poland.

They specialize in fire testing aviation interior materials and seat cushions so that clients can be certain as to whether or not they comply with all applicable regulations, and are able take action accordingly.

Their fire tests, including Bunsen Burner testing and Oil Burner Testing for Seat Cushions, are compliant with EASA and FAA standards and are automated to eliminate human factors and other variables which occur during manually performed tests.