QCM Holding Announces New Ownership

Bern, Switzerland – May 29, 2024 – Q.C.M. holding AG is pleased to announce that on May 22, 2024, Mr. Markus Enck and co-owners finalized an agreement to sell the shares and to transfer the ownership of QCM holding to Dr. Daniel Borer, Mr. Christian Schusser, and Mr. Luke Oppliger, effective July 1st, 2024.  

This exciting acquisition follows 25 years of leadership from Markus Enck as Q.C.M. holding AG’s CEO and founder, and marks a significant milestone in the company’s history, promising continued growth and new opportunities. 

New Ownership Team

Luke Oppliger and Christian Schusser have been members of QCM’s Leadership Team since 2007 and 2011 respectively. Sharing Enck’s vision of being a one-stop shop for quality control management in aviation, they have both significantly contributed to the diversification and sustained growth of the holding since joining the board. 

“We are thrilled about the opportunities ahead and confident that the transition will bring substantial benefits to our clients, employees, and partners”

from left to right, the new owners of QCM: Christian Schusser, Luke Oppliger, and Daniel Borer

Meet Mr. Luke Oppliger

Since founding Q.C.M. camo plus AG in 2007, Oppliger has grown the team to 16 employees and manages an extensive fleet of airplanes and helicopters worldwide. Over the past 17 years, QCM camo has established a reputation as a trusted CAMO respected for their transparency, quality, and responsiveness. While originally providing CAMO services, Oppliger has successfully expanded the business to include asset management, support during aircraft transitions, and more, continuously seeking opportunities for further development and growth.  His proven ability to scale operations and consistently meet clients’ needs will be instrumental in driving the holding’s future success.  

Meet Mr. Christian Schusser

With over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry in various management positions, Schusser is a natural leader with an affinity for people. Joining QCM in 2007 as an instructor specializing in initial and continuing airworthiness, Schusser’s commitment to the holding went a step further in 2011 when he established Q.C.M. design GmbH, an EASA-approved Part 21 J DOA. Under his leadership, QCM Design has grown into a thriving organization with 16 team members. Over the past 11 years, the design team have completed a substantial number of projects and STCs, achieving consistent and sustainable annual growth. Schusser’s extensive industry connections, built through his various roles in aviation, will further support strategic partnerships and business development, driving the holding’s continued expansion into the future. 

Together, Schusser and Oppliger will lead QCM’s operational day-to-day business, ensuring continuity and stability by drawing upon their extensive experience and networks. In true QCM spirit, they will continue to operate with their clients’ best interests at heart, focusing on delivering customer excellence and continuing to diversify their service offerings to ensure the holding’s ongoing success. 

Meet Dr. Daniel Borer

Daniel Borer, the newest member of QCM, brings substantial potential for growth through his extensive experience and network within the aviation industry. Borer is a passionate helicopter pilot, a practicing doctor, and the owner of Centaurium Aviation, a helicopter dealership based in Switzerland. Centaurium Aviation MRO has successfully established a Part-145 maintenance organization in Bern and has acquired a facility in Sion. Borer owns multiple companies, including those focused on drones, operations, and the manufacturing of racing boats.  

Borer’s involvement is expected to generate numerous synergies with other organizations, unlocking substantial growth potential for QCM Holding by expanding its market presence while maintaining its commitment to quality and excellence. 

“We are thrilled about the opportunities ahead and confident that the transition will bring substantial benefits to our clients, employees, and partners,” says Schusser. “Our commitment to quality and excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to achieving new heights together.” 

Looking to the Future

A new board of directors will be announced soon, contributing fresh perspectives and ideas to further develop the holding’s future growth potential. Enck will continue to contribute to QCM Holding as a consultant and instructor until September 2024, after which he will take a well-deserved break before resuming his role upon his return. 

QCM Holding’s future is looking bright under this strong new ownership. The combined expertise and vision of Schusser, Oppliger, and Borer is expected to accelerate the momentum started by Enck, driving QCM Holding towards new heights of success. 

 For further information or comments, please contact:

Mr. Christian Schusser
+43 660 811 03 08

Mr. Luke Oppliger
+41 79 411 24 83

About QCM

Q.C.M. holding AG is a leading provider in the aviation industry, known for its commitment to quality and excellence across aircraft design, regulatory and Part-147 training, consulting, and aircraft technical management. Founded in 1999, QCM is celebrating 25 years of delivering top-tier services and solutions which support clients globally with the implementation of applicable aviation standards & requirements, and in the continuous compliance with them. For further information, please visit www.qcm.ch