Interesting speeches, great visitors and a nice atmoshpere

Information and Discussion Event 2016

We look back to Friday, 16th September and would like to thank all speakers and participants who made contribution to make it a successful Event!

Below please find the presentations to download:

EASA Part-66 and the future
Ian Williams, President EAMTC

Challenges in safety and performance:
What about the Human Error?
Margriet Bredewold, Co-Guard GmbH

Flammability – how and why?
Klaus Tibi, Jet Aviation Basel

Germanwings Crash and its consequences: Oversight over the new EASA rules 2017
Marion Venus, Venus Aviation GmbH

Flight Crew Pooling
Michael Weber, ProJet & Karsten Geiger, Arbeitsweld

Avionics Mandates – Snapshot into the Future
Christian Schusser and Nicusor Miguel Ardac, QCM design GmbH

EASA_Part-66_and_the_future.pdf(5.1 M)
Challenges_in_saftey_and_perfomance.pdf(1.2 M)
Flammabilty_-_how_and_why.pdf(2.9 M)
Flight_Crew_Pooling.pdf(3.0 M)
Avionics_Mandates_In_Fligh_Connectivitiy.pdf(1.7 M)