Welcoming Rhoda Ayorkor Sai and Vaclav Suchanek to QCM

We are very pleased to announce that our team is growing. Rhoda Ayorkor Sai and Vaclav Suchanek are new members of the Q.C.M. Team.

Rhoda has joined our team on January 4. Rhoda will work as a junior design engineer in the Design Organisation in Prague. Rhoda has studied at the Technical University of Liberec where she graduated with the Dean’s Award for the best diploma thesis. During the orientation process Rhoda will work closely with the other design engineers in team.

Vaclav has 20 years of experience in aviation focused on an avionics. He has held several positions in Part 21 organizations and most recently was working as an OEM Field Rep and Customer Support Manager at Honeywell Aerospace. During his career he has been involved in many projects involving various BGA platforms and small helicopters. As a senior design engineer, Vaclav will participate in the Design Organisation as a great support of our team. His office is in Prague, Czech Republic.

You can reach Rhoda and Vaclav by dropping them an email to: sai@part-21.ch or suchanek@part-21.ch

We are excited to see Rhoda & Vaclav apply their experience and education to help grow our business in the Czech Republic.