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Schmalz / Morgan-Hughes Oliver

CAMO Intern (helicopters)
General Support


Born in Germany, Oliver grew up in Rheinfelden (a town close to Basel), and was raised as bilingual in English and German. Thanks to his dad’s involvement in, and passion for, the industry, Oliver always had an interest in aviation, which was further sparked when, in 2009, Oliver was able to join his dad on a business jet inspection. When the opportunity to intern at QCM CAMO arose in 2023, Oliver jumped at the chance to immerse himself further in business aviation and learn as much as possible.

In his free time, how Oliver enjoys spending his time is very dependent on the season. Throughout winter, you can find Oliver skiing, snowboarding, and playing competitive Videogames. During summer he enjoys bike-riding and mountain biking, and visiting the swimming pool with friends, the highlight of which is doing a backflip / dive from the 5 Meter jump tower.

Experience & Specialised Skills

Abitur Abschluss (Germany)
General technical and logical understanding
Good communication skills
Blue Eye implementer

Languages Spoken

German, English

Favorite Quote

“It is WHAT it is” – Luke Oppliger