QCM’s Training Brochure for 2024 is now live!

We’re excited to announce that our Training Brochure for 2024 is now live, and registrations for our open courses in 2024 are now open!

At QCM, we are passionate about empowering you, the members of our community, to excel at your roles through high quality regulatory training. That’s why we’ve developed our Training Program, which now consists of almost 70 regulatory courses, alongside our Part-147 approved courses.

With high quality and regularly updated material, taught by qualified and knowledgeable instructors, it’s no surprise that we’ve now taught over 30,000 professionals since launching our initial training program in 2000!

Our large range of courses and instructors, and our flexibility when it comes to arranging training at our clients’ chosen time and location (or via distance learning) offers both individuals and organizations a simple, trust-worthy solution to train and upskill new or existing employees on regulations and frameworks within the aviation industry.

While we have scheduled “open courses” for our most popular courses in either Bern, CH, or Vienna, AT, (open to all aviation professionals), in-house trainings or distance learning can be arranged for any of our courses.

And if you can’t find the training you’re looking for, then please send a request to train@qcm.ch; We welcome the opportunity to customize and create new courses to meet our clients’ training requirements!

We look forward to meeting you at one of our courses!

QCM Training Brochure 2024

Navigating the Training Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of the almost 70 regulatory courses we will be offering for aviation professionals in 2024, as well as course dates and in-depth information about each the syllabus of each course – including information about our three new courses!

A description of each of the general trainings being offered can be found from page 8 onwards – this includes the objectives of each training, pre-requisites which apply (if any), and key topics which will be covered, as well as whether any open courses have been scheduled at either Bern, CH or Vienna, AT for 2024, or whether the course is available on request only. You can find corresponding page numbers in the course overviews (pages 4-7).

The “Training Overview” on pages 4-5 gives you an overview of all the open courses being offered in 2024, the dates, and at which location (Bern, CH or Vienna, AT), and the Course overviews on pages 6-7 displays the regulation, continuation, and Part-147 trainings which are available on request (either in-house at your chosen location, or via distance learning).

Courses which have dates scheduled for 2024 in either Bern or Vienna are open to all aviation professionals (as long as they meet the pre-requisites), and can be booked via our website.

Request a Training

To request an in-house or distance learning for any regulation or Part-147 courses, please contact train@qcm.ch with the course name, preferred timeframe, and number of participants, to arrange an offer. We can also customize trainings to meet you & your team’s needs.

We look forward to hearing from you!