QCM Flamelab Upgrade: Progress

QCM Flamelab will be offering oil burn for seat cushion tests from early 2024, alongside our other fire testing capabilities.

Oil burn for seat cushion tests play a vital role in ensuring the safety and performance of seat cushions in aircraft. Using a high-intensity open flame, we can determine burn resistance and weight loss characteristics, ensuring that they meet stringent safety standards, and meet regulatory compliance.

Below are photos from various milestones over the last 2 months displaying the progress of our new facility so far, as we prepare it for the new testing capabilities.

Construction of the oil burner “test cell”¬†started early December with installation of the ventilation system, which was completed before Christmas, and the construction of the separation wall, which commenced in mid-January, was completed by February 1.

While construction is well underway, we still have a number of steps to complete before the new oil burner test is ready to be used:

  • Finalization of ventilation system and connecting everything to the electrical installation
  • Installation of new electrical installation for heavy duty purposes (air compressor)
  • Installation of air compressor which will supply compressed air at required pressure and flow to the oil burner
  • Installation of fuel chilling units which are also combined 40l fuel tanks
  • Installation of the test frame and the burner
  • Connecting the system to the computer for data gathering and test operation
  • Air supply / pressure tests
  • Fuel supply / pressure tests
  • Ventilation tests
  • Full capacity tests with open flame, air and fuel supply to the burner
  • Commercial test readiness

Watch this space for more updates!


Early December 2023: New range hoods ensure that the oil burner tests have adequate ventilation

Late December 2023: The ventilation system has been installed

Once the range hoods have been installed, it’s time for the construction of the separation walls to begin!

Mid-Jan 2024: The construction of the separation wall is underway

Late Jan 2024: We received our delivery of Jet A-1 fuel, which will be used to fuel the new oil burner tests

Feb 1 2024: The construction of the separation wall is complete