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CHF 680.00

Continuing Airworthiness Management by San Marino CAR-CAMO

Airworthiness Review for ARC Signatories

1 day

1 day
Standard Q.C.M. training or organised on request
Target Group:

All personnel from air carriers licensed i.a.w. Regulation CAR CAMO and organisations operating aircrafts under  CAR OPS 2A and 2H  who are involved in continuing airworthiness management, e.g.
– Management staff
– Continuing airworthiness management staff
– Compliance monitoring personnel
– Authority personnel




This course introduces participants to the requirements applicable for a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and those to be followed during daily work, in regards to continuing airworthiness management and airworthiness declaration on aircraft operated under San Marino CAR-OPS 2A and 2H.

Objectives of the course:

This one-day course focuses on regulations in San Marino, and the requirements which need to be met by an organisation intending to apply for an approval in accordance with San Marino CAR-CAMO to perform continuing airworthiness management and airworthiness review declaration in accordance with San Marino regulations. This includes:
– personnel and organizational requirements
– requirements for continuing airworthiness management and airworthiness review declaration i.a.w. CAR-CAMO
In addition, the interrelations to other relevant parts of CAR-OPS, CAR-GEN, CAR- AIR, CAR-145 and CAR-21 are covered. Using practical illustrations, participants will not only understand the regulation in theory but also gain awareness of how it can be practically and successfully implemented into their organisation.

Key Topics of the course:
  • Overview of San Marino CAA Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs)
  • CAR CAMO and relevant Civil Aviation Publications (CAPs) with respect to continuing airworthiness management and airworthiness review declaration requirements.
  • Organisational and personnel requirements for a San Marino CAR CAMO organisation
  • Competences and responsibilities of continuing airworthiness management personnel
  • Conduct of the Airworthiness Review using checklists and completion of relevant administrative documentation
Regulatory Basis of the course:
  • SM CAR GEN – General Airworthiness & Registration Regulations
  • SM CAR AIR – Continuing Airworthiness (General Aviation Operations)
  • SM CAR CAMO – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations
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