Introduction EASA Regulations (OPS and FCL) Course

After the new EASA regulations replaced the former JARs regarding flight crew licencing in 2012, they are about to replace existing rules on the operation of aircraft as of the end of October 2014.
Operators need to be prepared for the upcoming changes. Operating procedures and company documentation need to be updated and all this changes needs to be managed.


The course explains the structure and content of the new EASA regulations with focus on the regulation on Air Operations or Flight Crew Licencing.It also presents the regulatory environment and the historic development of the new rules.It discusses practical solutions on how to cope with the changes in cooperation with your national aviation authority (primary ops inspector of you company).

Course Dates

Air Operation Regulation (EASA OPS)

03.-04. November 2014

Aircrew Regulation (EASA FCL)

05.-06. November 2014


Managers and nominated postholder of commercial and non-commercial companies and everybody involved in aircraft operations.

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