Declared Training Organisation (DTO)

EU Regulation for Part-DTO Requirements

With the introduction of the EU Regulation 1178/2011 and the associated Appendix VIII, Part-DTO "Requirements for Declared Training Organizations (DTOs)" is the supervision of the training organizations and the training courses up to a level "Private Pilot License (PPL)," as well as the offer for the corresponding ratings newly regulated.

The new regulation includes the verification of a declaration as well as the submitted training courses. In addition, the organizations are subordinated under a supervision cycle.

For resource reasons, it is not possible for BAZL to supervise these organizations as described in the EU regulations. For this reason, certain activities up to the level of the PPL are now outsourced. Following an official WTO-Announcement and after a detailed review by BAZL is QCM quality control management AG as of now entrusted with these tasks.

Update «Declared Training Organisation» DTO

Im Newsletter 02/2018 wurde ausführlich über die DTO informiert. Das angekündigte Einführungsdatum musste trotz aller Bemühungen weiter verschoben werden: Aufgrund eines Fehlers im Gesetzgebungsprozess der Europäischen Kommission verzögerte sich die DTO-Einführung. Mitte August folgte nun endlich die Veröffentlichung des Part-DTO. Das Gesetz, (EU) No. 2018/1119, ist auf der EASA-Website publiziert und wird in der EU am 02. September in Kraft treten. Damit dieses Einführungsdatum in der Schweiz sichergestellt ist, wird das BAZL eine Exemption einreichen. Eine Deklaration kann somit ab diesem Datum eingereicht werden


In the Newsletter 02/2018 it has been communicated about DTO. The proposed date, where the DTO should have gone active, has been delayed due to an false statement handed over to the EU and an error in the law giving process. So the DTO Introduction has been delayed to mid of August 2018 and now the Part-DTO has been published. The corresponding law (EU) No. 2018/1119, has been published on the EASA homepage and is in effect from September 02nd on. The keep the introduction date in Switzerland, FOCA will insert an exemption. A DTO application can be filed from this date on.

DTO Flightschool Meeting 12. September 2018

Flightschool Meeting in Belp on 12th of September 2018

On Wednesday on 12th of September, the annual flight school meeting was held for the first time at the QCM Campus in Belp. The outlook was promising, as we received a tremendous amount of registrations and the preparation worked out flawless.

After the registration in the morning and the foreword by Patrick Hofer, DTO designee of QCM, very interesting and teachful speeches from our referents were held.

- Patrick Hofer DTO Delegate QCM

- Reto Spörri BAZL SFL

- Hans Martin Amrein BAZL FP

- Florian Rhyn BAZL SFL

- Dr. Alfred Ueltsch Flytop

All presentations can be withdrawn here on our homepage.


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