EU Regulation for Part-DTO Requirements

Declared Training Organisation (DTO)

With the introduction of the EU Regulation 1178/2011 and the associated Appendix VIII, Part-DTO “Requirements for Declared Training Organizations (DTOs)” is the supervision of the training organizations and the training courses up to a level “Private Pilot License (PPL),” as well as the offer for the corresponding ratings newly regulated.

The new regulation includes the verification of a declaration as well as the submitted training courses. In addition, the organizations are subordinated under a supervision cycle.

For resource reasons, it is not possible for BAZL to supervise these organizations as described in the EU regulations. For this reason, certain activities up to the level of the PPL are now outsourced. Following an official WTO-Announcement and after a detailed review by BAZL is QCM quality control management AG as of now entrusted with these tasks.