DGCA India Validation for Ku-band network installation on the Global series

QCM design is thrilled to have received the DGCA India (Directorate General of Civil Aviation, India) Validation of their EASA STC for the Ku-band network installation with a Gimbal Antenna and WiFi Hotspots.

This STC is valid for the Global BD-700-1A11 (Note: BD-700-1A10 coming soon)


  • Download speeds up to 15Mbps globally and 25 Mbps over the continental United States
  • Most available HTS capacity over CONUS and from the US West Coast to Hawaii
  • Newest HTS in the market with the most available capacity
  • Combination of HTS and wide beam satellites ensures network redundancy and resilience
  • Dedicated network, not shared with airlines and consumer broadband
  • More bandwidth to share for a better individual experience
  • Greater bandwidth for more apps to run at the same time
  • Higher quality stream with less buffering, can support 4K
  • Positioned for future broadband growth needs

If you are interested and would like to get more information, please get in touch: design@part-21.ch

You can see the full certificate here:

Approval Certificate DGCA