Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update 12/05/2020

Weeks of heavy restrictions due to COVID-19 have changed all our lifes. Travel restrictions, entry restrictions, banning public and private events, etc.

And several of these restrictions are still in place.

Business is endangered and organisations are close to drive into bankruptcy. Especially our business – aviation – which heavily depends on mobility.

But luckily, slowly restrictions are opened and we have to evaluate how we can re-start our business.

That is what we at QCM did during the last weeks. We evaluated the situation day by day and finally we made the decision to re-open our QCM campus for open courses. Open courses because training is an essential element in our industry. Training is mandatory, regardless whether aircraft fly or on the ground,

Sure, we only open under our special “Protection Concept” which we established in line with the instructions published by the Swiss government.

We have developed a protection plan (see the file below) which includes points, e.g.

distance keeping
cleaning procedures
To ensure that you, our valued customer, will not be harmed during your stay at our QCM campus, and to ensure that you take the most benefits with you by attending our open courses, we have re-organised our QCM campus in such a way that distance-keeping can be ensured and all cleaning procedures are and can be followed. We only allow class sizes of maximum 6 students per training. This enables us to conduct two training sessions in parallel.

In case of greater interest for a specific training course we will be able to accept an increased number of students by removing the dividing wall separating our two class rooms and conducting only one class.

So, be ensured that we will do our utmost to prevent you from being infected by this little nasty creature called COVID-19.

This week we are already providing a training regarding the latest changes to the continuing airworthiness regulations and other courses are on our schedule.

If you are interested, following you find a list of our next open courses:

03.-05. June 2020: Maintenance & Airworthiness by EASA Part-CAO
06. June 2020: Differential Training Part-M Subpart G versus Part-CAMO
10.-11. June 2020: Maintenance Program
16.-17. June 2020: Continuing Airworthiness by Part-CAMO for CMPA & Com.
Operators (1008/2008)
17.-18. June 2020: EASA Part-21 DOA Expert
18. June 2020: Airworthiness Review for ARC Signatories
23.-24. June 2020: EASA Part-145
23.-25. June 2020: Air Operation / Aircrew Regulation

Please be ensured, even during this uncertain and critical time, our goal is to provide you the support you need to be active in your area in compliance with all applicable requirements.

Looking forward to welcome you – under restrictive measures – at our well-known and famous QCM campus – your Swiss competence centre in aviation.