Training Syllabi for DTO

Flight schools (ATOs and DTOs) have to develop a training programme (syllabus) for any kind of training offered. These programmes are required to comply with Part-FCL of the Air Crew Regulation. Additionally, in case of type ratings, the content of the syllabi has to comply with the operational suitability data (OSD) of the aircraft manufacturer.

A clearly structured, compliant and appropriate training programme may lead to lower certification costs. To assist the organisations in developing their training programmes, FOCA has collaborated with the Swiss Helicopter Association (SHA) to publish training programme templates for helicopters. The airplane training programmes (LAPL(A)/PPL(A)) of “Motorflug-Verband der Schweiz” (MFVS) was the basis to develop the airplane syllabus templates. The associations and the FOCA are providing these documents free of charge. The FOCA recommends training organisations to use these templates to facilitate the development of their training programmes, especially in the ATO domain.

Templates are available for the scope of activity of DTOs and ATOs to the level of the private pilot’s license. We recommend training organisations to use these templates and adapt them as necessary. In case of the ATO, the syllabi require prior approval before use and are an attachment to the Training Manual (TM). DTOs are required to declare their training programmes.

The MFVS is of the view that the training programmes (up to PPL) must be available in the national languages of French and German and declared themselves willing to assist with the translations.

Training programmes for balloons and sailplanes are still in development and will be published as soon as possible.

You can find the newest versions of the FOCA audited and released training programs on their homepage FOCA Flight Schools