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WHMA, Aviation ELAV Wiring Harness Manufacturing Training Course 

WHMA, Aviation ELAV Wiring Harness Manufacturing Training Course

4 days
RUAG Lodrino
26.10. – 29.10.2020

Date / Location:
26.10.2020 - 29.10.2020 - RUAG Lodrino
4 days
The course will be performed by RUAG Aviation, Aerodromo Lodrino
Target Group:

Line maintenance, wiring harness manufacturers, general electricians or avionics who are working on the electrical wiring harness installations or repairs for cockpit upgrades or new built aircraft.

The course is for experienced avionics or electricians as well as for beginners. No specific pre-requisites needed. Sufficient English understanding is helping to pass the exam. The exam is optional.
Objectives of the course:
  • to learn the basics of IPC-WHMA-A-620 (WHMA= Wiring Harness Manufacturer’s Association)
  • to get ready for the next cockpit upgrade project
  • learn “class 3” solder connections with lead and also lead-free with practical examples
  • handle various crimping tools and inserts with practical examples
  • learning the secrets of wiring loom installations which will improve the way of producing high quality wiring
  • learn how to do good coaxial connections with practical examples
  • creating wiring looms
  • get the know how about the big area of electrical connectors
Key Topics of the course:

Day 1: Introduction to IPC, Insulation Displacement, Soldered Terminals, Theory and Practical Training

Day 2: Crimping (mainly DMC Daniels Crimping Tools), Connectorization, Splices, Theory and Practical Training

Day 3: Wiring Harness Manufacturing #1, Marking, Securing and Shielding, Repairs, Theory and Practical Training

Day 4: Wiring Harness Manufacturing #2, Coaxial Cables, Garmin Cockpit Upgrade Installation,  Theory and Practical Training

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