General Information on DTO

As of April 8th 2018, training activities in Declared Training Organisations (DTO) may commence. To do so, an organisation should submit a declaration and the applicable training programmes (syllabi). Additionally a safety policy must be available.
Due to a shortage of resources, the oversight in the DTO domain has been outsourced. After a formal invitation to tender in the fall of 2017 the contract has been awarded to the company Quality Control Management AG (QCM) in Belp.

Consequently, any enquiries, declarations and correspondence in the DTO context should be made to the following address:



By means of a declaration an organisation states that it operates within the bounderies of the law and provides information on training courses offered. In case of changes in the organisation, the declaration shall be amended and submitted again.


Safety policy:

The representative of the DTO states by means of a safety policy that the organisation aims for a safe operation of all activities.


Annual activity report and annual internal review:

By means of the annual activity report, the DTO reflects on the past year and reviews its internal processes. The annual activity report is made in the first two months of the new year. A template for such an activity report, as well as an annual review checklist will be published here ahead of time.

DTO Declaration.pdf (PDF, 1 MB, 19.03.2018)
Template Safety Policy (DOC, 17 kB, 27.10.2020)