UAS Training

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are a new and evolutionary component of the aviation system, offering several new and exciting opportunities, as well as a number of challenges.

Not only used for leisure activities, unmanned aircraft systems operations are disrupting several industries and they are becoming more frequent in an exponential fashion.

Whereas you are an experienced aviation professional, a UAS operator or have interest in unmanned aviation, several questions can arise:

  • How do you keep up to date with all technicalities related to unmanned aviation?
  • What do UAS, Drone, RPAS, VLOS/BVLOS, SORA, U-Space, etc. mean?
  • Do you want to learn how to operate a UAS, and how to comply with applicable regulations?
  • Where am I allowed to operate a UAV? Where is it prohibited?
  • Do I need to present a Risk Assessment to obtain permission to operate my UAV?
  • Open, specific, certified? Under which category am I operating?

Combining QCM’s extensive experience in aviation certification, maintenance, operations and training, we have partnered with UAS professionals to offer comprehensive training on EASA UAS Regulations.

  • U-001 EASA UAS Regulations and National Specifications (1 or 2 days)

Contact us for any training required and we will ensure - together with all our partners - that your specific need and your expectation is fulfilled.

Consulting & Sales

The QCM consultants as well as our partners have extensive experience at their disposal, gained in the aviation industry or aviation authorities. This knowledge can be made available to our clients to support your consulting requests.

Additionally, we are able to design any solution according to your specific needs and operation, included required embedded devices together with our partners, who could share their own expertise with you.

About QCM

In the aviation business, Q.C.M. is known as a specialist in the field of training, consultancy and aircraft technical management.

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