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C-006: Human Factors Refresher

Standard Q.C.M. training or organised on request
1 day
Dates / Location
On request - min. participants required
Target Group

All personnel in EASA Part-145 Maintenance Organizations and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO),

Ref: AMC 2 145.A.30(e)


Human Factors Initial Training


This one-day refresher training analyse incidents and accidents which occurred in the participants’ environment.
Participants will comprehend and analyse facts and learn how to implement precautions and safety nets in order to improve safety. 

Regulatory Basis of the Course:

  • EASA Part-145.A.30(e)
  • AMC 2 145.A.30(e)
  • GM 1 145.A.30

After the end of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Summarise what Human Factors (HF) relate to (incl. communication, procedures, environmental factors, individual factors (lack of) resources);
  • Explain relations between a variety of HF themes;
  • Explain the differences in Safety thinking and its implications in terms of HF;
  • Explain Complexity in terms of your own Organisation and responsibilities;
  • Explain in your words what Practical drift means;
  • Discuss the relevance of reporting in organisation learning.

The use of tools such as MEDA (Maintenance Error Decision Aid), REDA (Ramp Error Decision Aid) and SHOME (Safety Health of Maintenance and Engineering).

Case studies.



  • Fatigue Risk Management
  • The Human Factors Training may be extended by Fatigue Risk Management topics. It provides an overview of:
    what causes fatigue and the risk it poses at the workplace
    how a fatigue risk management system can reduce the risk
    joint responsibility for fatigue (organisational responsibilities / 
    employee responsibilities)
    strategies that may be applied to manage fatigue and reduce the 
      risks at the workplace
Instruction Method

Course documentation: English or German
Course language available: German-English-French

Price / attendee
CHF 680.00

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