Newsletter BAZL - Flugschulen und Leichtaviatik

NL 03/2018 31.08.2018

Topics: Part-DTO now in force, responsibility of the Compliance Monitoring Manager (CMM), RTF changes, Area 100 KSA (new theory element for ATPL, CPL, MPL), IFR minimum equipment and maintenance, GA Roadmap 2.0 event, EASA GA Community for interaction with the agency

NL 02/2018 29.03.2018

Topics: This issue is focused on Part-DTO, specifically for Declared Training Organisations

NL 01/2018 28.02.2018

Topics: Root-Cause-Analysis, Update CL MS and CL OM/TM, MOU(H), DTO status, Syllabus templates, OSD implementation, Close your flight plan!, 8.33kHz, infuencing future regulation by commenting NPAs

NL 01/2017 06.11.2017

Topics: EU/EASA implementation for training organisations 08. April 2019, presentation of FOCA certification leaflets (CL) and introduction of syllabus templates for ATOs and DTOs, PBN learning objectives, OSD implementation, IFR flight plans, logging PIC time, Easy Access Rules of EASA, Part-NCO, Balloon and Sailplane rulebooks

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