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"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. 
Design is how it works."

- Steve Jobs 


Established in 2011, Q.C.M. design gmbh, is an EASA-approved Design Organization which complements Q.C.M.'s already extensive capabilities in the field of general aviation.

Q.C.M. design gmbh's ambition is to fulfill your expectations in regards to creative and technical potential, as well as to the highest available safety and quality standards on the market.

Q.C.M. design gmbh received its EASA Part 21J Design Organization Approval (EASA.21J.509) in May 2013, and we have been powering forward at full throttle since then.

In the five years since receiving our EASA Approval Certificate, Q.C.M. design gmbh has completed over 200 projects, eleven of which are Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). These STCs, in order of when they were received, were for

  • The installation of the Honeywell Ovation Select Cabin Management System in a Global Express
  • The installation of an Avidyne Traffic Advisory System in an EC 130 T2 Helicopter
  • The change in Layout of Passenger Accommodation on a Challenger 604
  • The installation of a Hook Release Modification to the same EC 130 T2 helicopter
  • The upgrade of the Honeywell CD-820 Control Display Unit to the newer CD-830 on a Hawker 800XP
  • The upgrade of the Garmin GTX330D transponders to GTX330D w/ES with ADS-B Out Capability on a Cessna 525
  • P-RNAV Airworthiness Approval for a Hawker 1000 aircraft
  • External LED Landing, Taxi, and Navigation lights on a Challenger 604/605
  • GPS/WAAS Sensor & Antenna INstallation to support the EASA STC 10058529 on a Hawker 800XP
  • ADS-B Out upgrade for a Hawker 1000
  • 16G Seats Refurbishment on a Global Express

We currently have two STC applications in the works at EASA and one new STC project; these are the: 

  • Certification of an FMS upgrade to WAAS/LPV, including an ADS-B Out modification for a Cessna Citation V
  • Wi-Fi Installation on a Global Express 
  • Honeywell Ovation Select Installation on a Legacy 600

External LEDs for your Bombardier aircraft!

QCM design has done it again!
We have secured EASA approval for the replacement of the current external Landing, Taxi, and Navigation halogen lamps on a Challenger 604 with new LED lights. The LED lights were implemented in place of the existing halogen lights in order to reduce maintenance costs, due to the longer life cycle of the LED lights. The LED lights offer improved illumination, longer lifespan and greater reliability with an increased mean time between failures. The benefits to the operator are improved reliability, power consumption reduction, weight savings and reduced maintenance costs.

We received the STC Approval 27 June 2017, and we look forward to receiving your notices of interest upon successful completion of this endeavor!

Why do you need a Design Organization?  

All deviations from an aircraft type design are “changes” that have to be approved by the authorities. Because these deviations can range from a simple correction to a massive structural intrusion, the EASA considers two kinds of changes: minor and major changes. Major Changes are design changes as defined by EU regulation 748/2012 § 21A.91 and GM 21A.91. Minor Changes are all other changes not classified as a Major Design change.

As a Part 21J Design Organization, we are entitled to classify and approve minor changes, as well as help our customers plan for major changes; this gives us more flexibility to find solutions for your requests.

QCM design's First STC: now on YouTube

Honeywell Presents True Stories | Cabin Management Systems | Honeywell Aviation

Our flexibility is your benefit!

The extent of our experience in Minor Changes ranges from simple Cabin carpet changes, and bilingual interior placards, to life raft replacements and the installation of satellite trackers in helicopters!

No matter your desired design concept, we will offer a tailor-made solution for you. Our wide spread Part-21J capabilities are related, but not limited, to:

  • Avionics, and their installation
  • Structure
  • Electrical systems
  • Cabin interiors
  • Galleys or other interior equipment

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote for your requests, however small or large they may be!

QCM design in Business Jet Interiors International Magazine!

Read about our team spirit in the April 2016 edition of the renowned Business Jet Interiors International Magazine! Click on the Magazine Cover to read our article, and see our advertisement.

Q.C.M. design gmbh's ambition is to fulfil our clientele’s expectations in regards to creative and technical potential, as well as to the highest available safety and quality standards on the market. To do this, QCM design works with a network consisting of a Maintenance Organization, a specialized Finishing Service, and a Design Organization that have experience working together, which brings flexibility, coherence, and fluidity to all our projects. 

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