Camo Plus

Optimise the value of your aircraft

Customised maintenance and operational programmes by a long standing CAMO plus agency, endorsed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Despite increasingly stringent regulations, many business jets are operated in an environment of little technical supervision. Above all, this prevents the aircraft from maintaining its full market value.

Maintain your standards –maintain your value

Whether you are a bank, an insurance company, a private investor or an operator, you will have a vested interest in ensuring assets maintain their highest value.

This requires a focus on the monitoring of technical conditions, to guarantee either airworthiness or controlled storage. A financing deal presents you with the challenge to deliver and redeem the aircraft, as well as to design and support the remarketing strategy.

We are here to take on this challenge for you.

Continuing Airworthiness Management

Q.C.M. camo plus AG, as an EASA approved organisation (CH.MG.7004), can support you with the following activities:

  • Development and control of a suitable maintenance programme, including applicable reliability programme

  • Management of approval of modification and repairs

  • Ensuring that maintenance is carried out i.a.w. the approved maintenance programme

  • AD / SB assessment

  • Aircraft defect / deferred defect control

  • Record / technical log control and retention

  • Establishment of appropriate maintenance contracts

  • AOG service

  • Performance of airworthiness review (physical and records review)

By means of our maintenance tracking program you only need internet access to your latest aircraft maintenance data, its airworthiness status or next maintenance due dates.

Additional services

In addition, Q.C.M. camo plus AG can assist you in the following:

  • Pre-buy inspection
  • Import and export of new and used aircrafts
  • Monitoring of aircraft being implemented into your operation
  • Representation during maintenance events
  • Invoice and record control


About QCM

In the aviation business, Q.C.M. is known as a specialist in the field of training, consultancy and aircraft technical management.

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