Dispatch & Operations Support

Q.C.M.’s dispatch and operations department takes advantage of highly trained dispatch and operations specialists, who gained their experience in the Airliner environment and with well-known business jet operators.

As our team consists of FAA licensed Flight operations officers, we aim to deliver the highest quality standard you are used to receiving from Q.C.M. Together with the newest software for flight planning and flight preparation, almost everthing is possible to prepare. You name it, we can do it.

Here are some features we are able to deliver:

  • Electronic flight planning with PPS from Airsupport, or with Jetplanner from Jeppesen
  • Web-based crewbriefing, via a centralized online tool, or customized to your company
  • Weather briefing using several sources (WAFS, NOAA, Metoffice, DWD, ZAMG, etc…)
  • NOTAM briefing
  • Airfield briefing
  • EROPS planning
  • Performance calculation
  • Dutytime calculation
  • Crew planning
  • Monthly duty roster
  • Handling arrangement
  • Catering arrangement
  • Fuel arrangement
  • Airfield slots
  • Landing – and overflight permits
  • PPRs
  • and many more …